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Black rhino escapes onto N2 highway


We were at a private game reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, to film the darting and capture of white rhinos. Proceedings were due to begin when a neighbouring reserve reported they had an escaped black rhino blocking traffic on the N2 highway, and could they borrow the helicopter and vet to help 'usher' it back into the safety of their reserve. We took the opportunity to attach our GoPro camera to the helicopter skid to see what footage we could get. Fortunately, with the help of the helicopter and ground teams, the rhino returned safely into the reserve.




The DRC (Katanga Province)


We could fill pages and pages of material from our shoot in the DRC. From low level flights in search of a heard of 100 elephants (the province's last), to releasing once captive crocs on a wild and remote river. See our Getaway blog on the croc release.


Fleeting visit to Livingstone, Zambia


On the way to the DRC, we broke our journey with a quick shoot in Livingstone, Zambia. Here we were able to spend some time at the mightly Victoria Falls, and on the still incredibly wild Zambezi River. In the evening we were treated to a performance by the Munjile Band, a group of local Zambian musicians who are communicating their thoughts, concerns and happiness through music. See our YouTube insert on them below.




Whilst in Livingstone, we took the opportunity to film some of the white water rafting down in the gorge. As we lost sight of the last raft around a bend in the river, a distant thud in the distance caught our attention. Looking up, a helicopter passed low overhead. Scrambling for a better view, we realised that it was going to land right there in the gorge. We knew immediately that some kind of rescue operation was in progress and turned on the cameras to catch the action.



Kalahari Pangolins (June) - We spent days tuning our senses to the ground, sounds of rustling in the bushes, and making as little noise as possible to try and catch pangolins on film in the Kalahari. After some good hours spent searching, and a lot of patience, we were able to get some excellent sightings. Our favorite, purely for interest and not quality, was these shots of a female pangolin leaving her burrow during the day. This was shot on a remotely triggered trails camera.




Zululand (April) - Scouting out wildlife stories, people stories, conservation stories and filming a commemorative video for a very large, high-end safari company. We also got some amazing wildlife stock footage including cheetah and cubs, lioness and cubs, black rhino, white rhino, elephant, yawning hippos and more. See below for some video and photo snippets...


Cheetah mother & cubs











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