We’ve got your production covered!

Natural History Media’s strength lies in our own experience as film producers. 

Logistically, we offer in-depth expertise of shooting throughout all conditions in the notoriously challenging African environment. We have a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of wildlife behaviour, alongside the diverse cultures and communities we work with. 

But what makes our services unique, is that we understand all your production requirements – from storytelling through to technical specifications and legalities – due to our own, ongoing personal journey of delivering high-end programming. 

It’s this approach that’s enabled us to partner repeatedly with some of the world’s most respected natural history programming producers and broadcasters.

In brief, we offer these specialised services:

At Natural History Media, we’re driven by wildlife conservation. We also believe in celebrating our diverse African cultural heritage, and our love for adventure! This inspires the projects we embark on in our search for unique and authentic documentary and wildlife filmmaking opportunities.


Our clients enjoy access to specialist Africa fixer services:

Let us help you green up your production. By hiring locally, you won’t just be reducing your carbon footprint and budget, you’ll be empowering the African communities you’re working in. This is just one way we can assist you with achieving your green practice and sustainable production goals!

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