...and this one started with itchy feet!

In early 2010, bored silly and desperate for adventure, Natural History Media’s director, Vanessa Lucas, quit her job as a producer at a Johannesburg-based production company. Passionate about conservation and driven by wanderlust, she took the plunge into the unknown – literally speaking – of the African wilderness and freelancing! Not one to do anything in half measures, it didn’t take Vanessa long to find her feet: writing travel articles; creating ENG and documentary video content – always focusing on the natural world.

At first, Vanessa established Natural History Media as a platform to produce this indie content. It was the catalyst for her extensive travel in her search for new locations, people and wildlife stories. As she busied herself with accumulating connections, resources and stock footage, Vanessa identified a niche in the market – the need for a specialist in fixing and facilitating wildlife and documentary shoots throughout the continent. And so, our journey began!

Today, Natural History Media enjoys an international client base. We are a collective of passionate wildlife and documentary filmmakers, and we’ve made it our job to cultivate relationships with the best crew, production freelancers and film resources Africa has to offer. We like to keep things calm, practical, and personal. As the primary contact for clients, Vanessa takes an active role in all projects, guiding our team to help you tell your unique story.

"Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute."

~ Proverbs 31:8

Her story

In her own words, Vanessa does this for a living, and for fun!

Vanessa is personally credited as a writer, producer and director of documentary programming for international broadcasters such as National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Smithsonian Channel, BBC, Discovery Channel, among others. In addition, she develops new programming and produces wildlife-themed journal content for news broadcasters and NGOs.

In 2013, together with a partner, she established a second company, The Safari Media Co. This caters to corporate clients within the safari hospitality and travel industries, and environmental and sustainable development sectors. Here, they produce video and photographic content, written copy and graphic design elements required for marketing, PR, fundraising and awareness campaigns. 

Recent credits 2020-2022

Vanessa’s full bio, CV and comprehensive credit list is available upon request